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During the services Sunday, September 27 Athens First United Methodist Church announced its biggest 'Missions' projects of the year: MISSIONS 144!

Missions 144 is designed to spread the "love of Jesus Christ" to our neighbors in Limestone County through service to them.

The door was opened for ALL ATHENS FUMC members during the week of November 9<sup>th</sup> through the 14th, to be involved in the missions of the church through the ministry of Missions 144.  Our goal at Athens FUMC is to open our eyes to loving and serving others; to bring us closer to God and HIS blessings on us, and to show others what God's love is doing right here in our community.

Missions 144 assembled over 30 mission projects for our members to be involved in.  Mission projects involved: light home projects; landscaping projects; wheelchair ramp builds; pressure washing; painting; leaves collection and removal; serving the homeless with needs and the Shower Trailer; light mobile home repairs; light school projects; and The Bed Build.

Please join our Missions 144 Team and let your LITE shine to our neighbors.  Your help can be a few hours, a day, or the entire week.

Missions 144 is a God-driven week of missions and devotion to God.

The teams met each day at 7 am at the bus barn; have a short devotion led by a team member; leave for the designated mission project; return at 3:30-4 pm; assemble at an already designated Team Member's house for a meal, socialization; and evening devotion.

Let's go serve GOD and do Missions 144 in Limestone County.